Chile post Chile

stars in motion over the lake in Portillo, Chile

Back in North America!

I am, after a long and marvelous trip first in Chile and then Costa Rica. Not only had I the satisfaction of getting back on my downhill and super-g skis, but I also managed to extend my summer—basking in the sun and playing in the ocean waves in the tropical lands of Costa Rica. Chile was, as it always is, a wonderfully rich skiing and cultural experience. I will never get sick of that country, despite the fact that this trip was my 8th (?!) year training in the Andes. Although the skiing in Portillo and Valle Nevado was a repeat adventure, the time spent in Costa Rica was not—it was my first time visiting any Central American country. And I certainly plan on going back for more…

More on Costa Rica later, for now I want to share some words and pictures on Chile…

in front of the Octagon, set up for some DH training early in the morn’…

We headed first, as we did last year, to Portillo. It was a physical shock to my body, once again: Winter. I must say, I do quite enjoy that particular shock…even though fall is one of my favorite seasons. It is one that I would be sad to miss: anticipation in full swing, leaves falling, temperatures changing and thoughts of snow occupying my mind. Alas! It is here suddenly and I willingly embrace it. I will surely be racing soon enough…

But I feel ready. Training in Chile and New Zealand was exceptional this year, and all of the girls are skiing strong. The speed training in Portillo was fast, fun, challenging, and exciting. I even caught some footage of it on the GoPro lent to me by the ski team (thanks!) and am making a video as I type. Check in soon for a video compilation on Chile…

Portillo from the top of the Plateau chair

Portillo was beautiful and sunny almost every day—rarely did we have to rough it in the flat light, and never did we train while the snow was falling. It was practically perfect weather for training. Although it snowed over a foot one day (on a day off, as we had planned), the snow was perfect for speed training and got harder and icier every day we were out there. Actually, the day after it snowed we not only got to train downhill, but I took a few incredible powder runs off of the Cara Cara roca jack. I couldn’t have asked for a better day; pristine powder skiing and downhill training off of the same chair. Whaaaatt?!

Heinz burning one down pre-downhill training…

Though the hill wasn’t as icy and rocky as last year, it still proved to be challenging training. The elevation always gets to me, and the intensity of training on the roca jack can get anyone’s nerves firing…but the speed felt wonderful. The terrain, exposure and surrounding geography in Portillo are incomparable to anywhere else in the world. The mountain ranges, cliffs, and aura of the place are truly one of a kind. It almost feels spooky–to be in such a special place. Tio Bob’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the world; with outdoor tables atop cliffs, overlooking the lakes and peaks of the Chilean and Argentinian Andes. It is such a surreal place to eat lunch–with unbelievable views and a feeling of freedom and flight (not to mention, the deliciously GREASY fries and cheeseburgers!).

there they are–grease-balls of delight

On our last night in Portillo I ventured outdoors in the amazing light to take some pictures of stars and mountains. Here are a few of the photos I shot…

a ghostly me in front of the Octagon…

a tri-pod, high ISO and low aperture makes for easy (yet grainy) night photos

After Portillo we headed off to Valle Nevado for another week of training. The varying terrain and seemingly endless number of ski runs in Valle Nevado makes it worth going back. I only wish we had gone a couple of weeks earlier, as the snow was diminishing quickly and we barely even had enough of it to train. Nonetheless, the ski area is awesome and so different from that in Portillo that it’s nice to change the scenery up a bit and get to experience some different styles of skiing and culture that are so unique to Chile.

skis lined up for training in Valle Nevado

The Valle Nevado portion of the trip was over before I knew it…and I was headed to Costa Rica! I am going to write another post on Costa Rica because I have many more pictures and words to elucidate on the country. For now, I will leave you with a few more pictures from Chile and work on finishing my video edits of the trip. I actually took more video than I did pictures in Chile, which is unusual but was a fun way to capture my surroundings for a change. I’ll give you a taste with this time-lapse of a day on the hill…

Now, 10 days after returning home from Chile and Costa Rica, I am back in Utah for physical testing and a conditioning camp. I am already as sore as I’ve been in months, and I still have another week of hard work ahead. But Colorado is creeping up on me, and before I know it I’ll be in the starting gate in Lake Louise! I am feverishly awaiting that thrilling moment…but I know it will come soon enough. For now, it’s time to work my buns off and get in shape so I can rip while feeling agile and fierce! Check in soon for the Chile movie and more posts on Costa Rica! Enjoy the rest of the pictures. Peace and love…

after training in Portillo…finishing off the time lapse with a blah?

the Plateau chair

bunkbeds, guitar, and sun through a foggy lens

beautiful lights over Valle Nevado

a little taste of Costa Rica…more on that in the near future 🙂


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I put together some video clips and time lapses from New Zealand… so here it is…


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land of the new zee

The Remarkables (NZ) glowing in the evening light

WHOA so it has been what seems like forever and ever since I last updated my virtual life. Perhaps it is because I have been skiing my heart out, or maybe it’s because I have been busy going through the process of buying a house…it may also be due to the fact that Jeffrey and I were so desperate to finish the boards and take them on their maiden voyage before I left for Chile…but I’d like to think it’s a combination of these ventures and more. The good news is–I have accomplished all of these things and more :). Though it has been busy and crazy, life has been spectacular over the last few months. My skiing is progressing to a level it has never been on before, and I am a happy new home-owner. AND…the hollow-wood paddle boards float (whew, that was a relief). In fact, they float incredibly well–not only are they fast and buoyant, they are beautiful and, from what I have experienced so far, the best way to be out on the water…. peaceful, quiet, and self-sufficient. Check out a picture I took just before we glassed them:

Tommy Ford and I took some footage of the progress while Jeffrey and I were building the boards, which I plan on compiling and editing into a video of the whole project soon. More on that in the future…

For now, I want to post some pictures and words on New Zealand…

the sun rising over the mountains, as seen from Coronet Peak

That was the view we saw every morning while taking our first chair-ride up for training. The sunrises and mountainous backdrops are only one of the many aesthetic joys in New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoy the crisp, chilly mornings and the brilliant frost that comes along with them.


it does, eventually, melt with the sun…

frozen wood chips and leaves

Because of the freezing temperatures at night and the warm temperatures that accompany the sun, the snow turned out to be pretty much perfect for training. Skiing GS every single day was incredibly beneficial for all of our skiing. It helped me to get back to the basics: to slow things down, perfect my technique (if only), and carry everything I learned over to all other events. We did not miss a single day of training due to weather, and most days were incredibly sunny and bright. Every time I clicked into my skis I looked forward to learning something new….

another sun rising behind the mountains…and I think that’s a silhouette of a snowgun…

Apart from the lovely skiing, we dabbled in some golf, frisbee, guitar, and photography. I am helping Julia and Stacey both learn how to play the guitar. Actually, they are coming along nicely and I think we’ll have a sufficient band by…well, maybe by about fall of 2013. Hah!

the road returning home from the hill

not sure what it is… but the evening picture opportunities were fun

On a day off we ventured into Queenstown to do some eating, shopping and exploring. I hung out on the beach with some surfing ducks…

and went rummaging through the drainage system….

Queenstown’s best cafe must be Vudu…I absolutely cannot get enough of that place. They have the BEST savory muffins and pies, and their sweets are impeccably delicious. The scene in Queenstown is pretty much unbeatable if you’re looking for a hip, young and excited crowd. The night life is loud and exciting every single night, be it a Friday or a Monday. All of the locals are friendly and fun, and the environment could not be any more inviting… I truly do feel at home in New Zealand, which is why I look forward to returning every year.

the sun through some trees

But the trip ended, as they always do, and I returned home…to a new house! My house closed while I was away, which was a bit of a pain, but returning home to it was unreal! Moving was definitely brutal, but I am so, incredibly happy with my new place and so excited to progressively (and, I’m sure, endlessly) make it my own 🙂 Check out the moving truck full of all my s***…

I took some interesting time-lapses and video while I was in Kiwi land, so look for a new video edit soon! I am now back in Portillo, Chile…and it is DUMPING outside! I am incredibly excited for a powder day tomorrow…it’s been a while since my last one! The last 5 days of training have been amazing, so I’ll take a day of soft snow and face shots gladly 🙂 I also get to travel to Costa Rica after this training block is over…a new country, new people, new land and water for me to explore! More on Chile and Costa Rica later…keep checking in.

For now, I must leave you with some pictures to (hopefully) enjoy…but I will work on my New Zealand edit and hopefully post it very soon. Until then…

do what you love. love what you do. adiós!

da moon from da trees

yay for mountains!

…and frozen grass?

usually it’s the sets, but are we getting sick of the rises?

board walk under a covered bridge in the morning sun

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apart from…

I made this video today while taking a day off of the snow in New Zealand… gets a bit boring here! Enjoy 🙂


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little hands in the sand

pond of wishes in Portland, OR

Hello, all! Many days, weeks, and even months have gone by since my last blog post. Alas! Here I am, itching to update and show you some pictures I have taken lately. I suppose I will start here…

sunset in Brentwood Bay, BC

Over the last few months I have made a few trips–I started in Portland, Oregon for some city slicking, moved on to Victoria, BC to see my grandmother and then headed to Pacific City, Oregon for a short surfing trip. Jeffrey’s friends from Santa Cruz came up to Oregon to visit for a few days, so we took them out to Smith Rock…

Eric climbing on Mesa Verde wall at Smith

Perhaps Jeffrey? under a sundog at Pleasure Palace, Smith Rock

After some climbing out at Smith Rock, the boys and I headed to Portland. We mostly did some jaunting and exploring around the city…we had no plans or time restrictions. So, we decided to urban climb….

Eric, Ryan and Jeffrey scaling city walls

I stayed with Dana (yay!) while the boys hung out at a friends house. We did some shopping at Powell’s Bookstore, Buffalo Exchange, and drank some wonderful Oregon-brewed beer at the Rogue brewpub in downtown Portland. While drinking, we did some drawrin’….

Eric getting artistic

Eric in back, to Ryan and Jeffrey’s legs

We found this interesting sign while wandering around downtown…

don’t forget your front wheel, or you’ll face plant crossing the tracks…

After a short couple days in Portland I headed back home to Bend for a while before traveling on to Victoria, B.C. I haven’t traveled up to Victoria since my Grandpa’s death in August of 2009, so I knew the trip would be strange and difficult. It seems that my Grandmother is handling it well and is in good spirits, which was nice to see. Visiting my Grandpa’s grave was extremely hard, but also relieving. Although he doesn’t know it, he is still underneath me, holding me up.

After a nice visit in B.C., I flew back to Bend to continue on my workout program and hang with friends and family. Allana just returned from France, where she taught French children English in public schools all year…so it was wonderful to see and climb with her and the rest of my family. My mum actually put on a harness and climbed out at Smith! It was really impressive, and so lovely to have all the girls together again (Hilary, Allana, mum and me).

all together at the base of the Morning Glory wall

sorry, I’m sure I’ve posted a picture basically identical…but it’s just too beautiful (Smith Rock)

I took a trip out to the coast to continue my attempts at surfing. Jeffrey, T Ford and I headed out to Pacific City for the few days before the 4th of July to catch some sun and waves at the beach. The waves turned out to be a bit too large for my liking, but I got out there anyhow and accomplished some paddling and riding that I wasn’t sure I was capable of.

After the second day of surfing I was completely exhausted, so I walked around the beach taking pictures…

Laurenne and Tommy toes

crazy kids and busy beach

umbrella ( eh eh eh ?)

As I was surfing (mostly just resting on my board once I finally, spastically, succeeded at paddling out) I worked on connecting it to skiing, climbing, and other parts of life…as I like to attempt to do with every athletic, mental and everyday endeavor. Surfing is unlike anything I have ever done in so many ways. First of all you have this huge, inconceivably relentless and unpredictable factor called the ocean. Perhaps I should capitalize it: the Ocean. Once you are out on the water you cannot hide in a cozy, warm lodge. You are out there on your own, unable to turn back and completely vulnerable to any sort of change in weather, waves, and tide. You are alone. Actually, at first I viewed it this way: me vs. the Ocean. It was an enemy–something that really didn’t want me to disturb it and persistently attempted to conquer me. I couldn’t even paddle out past the beach break a couple of times, which lead me to retreat to the beach and sit on my board, feeling defeated and weak. Once I got the hang of how to read when to paddle out–looking for the smallest peak, the latest break, going in between sets, etc (forgive me for my lack of accurate surfer speech…)–I managed to paddle out with a bit of hope, though I was often left frustrated and exhausted. And this is when I sat…I sat out past the break, relying on my board to keep me afloat and watching the sets come in, knowing I was too tired and clumsy to catch a good wave. At first I was afraid of sharks, jellyfish, etc, but became used to the fact that I was just another animal, much like them, surviving–we don’t want to hurt one another (unless we’re hungry, and my shoulders are too tired for me to be hungry)…So I thought about the relevance of surfing in my life.

Once you are out on the ocean there is only one way to get in–catch a wave. You can either attempt this with courage and certainty, or you can go about it in a passive sort of way. It turns out the passive way is actually much more intense and defeating–and a lot less fun. But committing to a wave is by far the most difficult part of surfing. You have to spot the wave from afar, put yourself in the right place on the wave, paddle your ass off, and commit (there is actually much more to it than this, but I won’t get into it because I will sound like an idiot…). It is a complex process in which experience is essential, but as a beginner all it really takes is some valor. Similar to skiing, the athleticism is very important, but you’re not going to get anywhere if your mind is in the wrong place. You have to want to catch that wave. You have to be 100% determined, and trust that it is going to work out…otherwise, you get worked. So many times I would think, “I suppose I’ll try to catch this wave, maybe it will be easy. I’ll just paddle a bit and see what happens…” and the next thing I know, I’m face down in a wave eating sand and sucking water up my nose–my board is nowhere to be seen, and I’m gasping for air and thinking about how much I hate this stupid sport. But when I committed, it was glorious. Even if I caught a baby, 2 foot tall wave, I could feel the ocean take ahold of me and use it’s might to give me a fast, floating feeling that cannot be compared to any other feeling–other than perhaps downhill skiing.

I am learning still more and more, through various means, of how to find that place where I am fearless and focused–mentally sound and internally calm. Surfing, like climbing, yoga, mountain biking, and every other sport, has and will continue to teach me more about my mind-body connections and how to immerse myself in the right feelings and thoughts. It has true potential to help me understand how my mind can be my advantage instead of an obstacle to overcome–it simply takes a little trust. I took a Yin yoga class the other day and a particular thought that related to a pose really stuck with me–my heart is open, I am free of fear.

random guy getting some in front of Haystack Rock

I am heading back to Pacific City tomorrow (!) for Deena’s birthday bash and some more surfing/beach jaunting. I am thrilled to once again dabble with surfing, and to challenge myself a bit more before I head off to New Zealand and get back on my skis! It seems that summer has flown by–almost like I haven’t had a summer at all. But being busy has kept me lively and active…actually, I am working on buying my first house! That has taken up much of my time, but I am incredibly excited to have my own place to come back to. I have also been building hollow-wood stand-up paddle boards! I will post some pictures below, but I’ll definitely show you the finished project when it gets there. Thus far it has been an extremely complicated and time-consuming process, but a wonderful way to spend my summer and to get my mind in a place away from everything else….

Anyhow, I am off for now! I have to go pack for the coast and New Zealand… hoo ha! Here are some more pictures to enjoy…Until next time 🙂 peace and love

building our stand-up paddle board! the skeleton–spine and ribs

…attached to the bottom plank

seagulls on a roof

Tomm’s old school camera/video set up

4th of July skiing at Bachelor! wohoo

4th of July freedom ride in Bend, OR

Colin ripping it up on the uni–beer in one hand, America in the other

freedom riding it, downtown Bend, OR

little hands in the sand

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California road trip adventures etc etc!

down in Big Sur, California…that’s me on the far right cliff!

a cool road photo from the time lapse

Yet again, it has been a long while since my last update. But I have been trying to forget about commitments and guidelines that I have previously made for myself: I have been doing a wonderful job of procrastinating— contracts, organizing my summer/schooling/grants/insurance/taxes/fundraisers/housing/everything else that one would innately avoid. What a lovely time I have had! Upon returning home from the Mammoth invitational, my body collapsed and I contracted some sort of freakish flu for a week (this part was not so lovely), which forced me to take an end-of-season weeklong break. In bed. So that was boring, but afterward I was well-rested, and itching to get on the road for an adventure. My friend Jeff and I hopped in his Subaru with our bikes, crash pad and climbing gear, surfboards, diving/spear fishing gear, slack line, camping stuff, instruments, and many more toys strapped to the top/hitched on the back and flying out the windows, and headed south.  We drove through Crater Lake on the way down, which still had massive snow banks and ice burgs floating in the vast lake—but we chose the perfect day. The sky was nearly as blue as the water, and the contrasting colors made for some really neat pictures…

Jeffrey looking into the Crater Lake

We headed straight from Crater Lake to Klamath, California for some beach bouldering. This is the same bouldering spot that I climbed at last spring (from which I posted pictures on my blog about a year ago). After our first long morning of climbing, it started raining at about 3 pm. We waited it out for about an hour…and then it started down pouring. So we packed up our tent and sleeping bags and headed down to Humbolt to stay with one of Jeff’s friends, Trenton. We spent the night in Arcata and went to a G-Love show, which was a blast. The next day we headed out for a hike and got to climb up some crazy redwood trees! At the top of one of the Redwood climbs there was a hammock made of ropes that somebody had set up between two of the tallest Redwoods in the park. Kind of scary to sit in…but what a neat atmosphere it was up there in the trees…

looking up one of our climbing endeavors-a bit intimidating from the bottom…

following Trenton up an ancient tree

the man-made hammock perched at the top of the forest!

looking down…scary!

That afternoon wee set off for Timber Cove, where we did some hiking, rock hopping, surf-attempting (paddling and swimming!), played some four-square, and just hung around the ocean. That place is insanely beautiful…such a rare, empty space with amazing coves, cliffs, trees, and a wonderful lack of people. I took many a picture on our rain-hike through the Pygmy forest, which had some crazy-colorful trees and flowers…

rain on a spider web woven through a beautiful Madrone

looking into the Pygmy forest…so green!

boulder hopping…where’s waldo?

Madrone-underneath the bark

a basking seal

walking the tree-beam

layers and years


Jeff and the fallen Madrone

After three lovely days around Timber Cove, we headed down to Santa Cruz to hang with some of Jeffrey’s friends and do some more surfing and exploring. I finally stood up and rode a wave on our first day in Santa Cruz—after some serious frustration with paddling out past the beach break at Scott’s (which I could only handle doing twice!). We ventured out for a few more surfing sessions in Santa Cruz (including one in the rain…), rode our bikes around the area, slack lined in the park, played some music and chess, and climbed up at Castle Rock.

driving through the Redwood forest

On our last day in Santa Cruz we headed down to Big Sur and Carmel to do some spear fishing with Jeff’s friend Matt. Although I became nauseous and sea-sick, the boys caught three fish, all of which we feasted on that night! It was so neat to be able to catch and eat our own meat…what an eye-opening and delightful experience! I loved being out in the reef with only a spear in hand—intimidating and sickening as it was.

Matt and Jeff scoping out the diving

seals and otters….fun to look at, but make for poor fishing

the boys and their catches

The next morning we headed up to San Francisco and rode around the Golden Gate Park, to the bridge, and back to the beach on our bikes. We stayed the night in Berkley in preparation for out trip home the next day. It was sad to have to leave the Bay area so soon after arriving, but I was satisfied with our road trip and happy to return home to the mountains. Returning to Northern California will certainly happen some day, and hopefully soon. I actually wouldn’t mind spending a couple of years in that area, traveling in the forests and along the peaceful coastline…maybe I’ll just drive back now…

headed to the ocean

the Golden Gate from afar

Upon returning home from California I skied for a few days at Mt. Bachelor before heading down to L.A. and then Mammoth for ski camp. When I was in L.A. I had the pleasure of listening to the Dalai Lama speak at USC and hanging out with my good friend Kevin. It wasn’t long before I headed back to Mammoth for camp, which of course consisted of unpredictable and very sporadic weather, but also some really good training and beautiful sunshine. After Mammoth, Julia, Leanne and I packed up my car and took off for another short road trip through the Tahoe Lake area and back up to Oregon for some skiing, climbing and fun. Now I am back in Bend, working on moving out of our house in Klamath Falls and beginning my workout program. I am going to work on my German, climbing, and maybe even some surfing this summer in Oregon. I leave for my next ski adventure (other than random weekends of skiing at Mt. Hood) in New Zealand on July 24th, so I have about 2 months to enjoy central Oregon and see what comes my way. Play time!

Here are some more pictures–mostly of the trip, but some random ones as well.

Urban knitting in the Golden Gate park! I thought Allana would enjoy this one 🙂

looking down the coast!

sunset driving

purple mussels!

cool Madrone!

Prairie at the top of the Pygmy Forest hike

pretty flower

a neat road shot-notice the bird!

driving over the Golden Gate!

jumpin’ Jeffrey

slack line slack

bench at the park in Santa Cruz

sun setting on a boardwalk in Santa Cruz

abandoned shoes



Julia and Leanne…hooligans!

hiya! arguably one of the sweetest pictures ever…

Tumalo falls (Oregon!)

looking down from the top…

Also, check out the time lapse I made while driving down the coast

As I drove down from Sunriver, Oregon through Crater Lake, Lost Rocks, Timber Cove, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Big Sur then back north through Berkley and all the way home, I set my camera on the dashboard of the car and programmed my remote to take one picture every thirty seconds of the drive. This is a time lapse compilation of my drive (with a total of about 3,300 pictures), including some other random time lapses I took along the way. I hope you don’t get too car sick…highway 1 is curvy! Enjoy 🙂

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thinking like a tyke

I have lately neglected to write or update my blog. Since I have been back in the States, all I can think about is enjoying myself and I often find myself wondering, “why would anyone want to read a blog about the stuff I do when I’m at home? Sounds boring…” But after my mum asked why I haven’t blogged in so long, I decided it was time. Since it’s been so long, I have taken many pictures! So this post will consist of quite a few words, but possibly more pictures… Enjoy

Since the Super G at World Cup finals in Lenzerheide, Switzerland was cancelled, I have spent all of my time in the good old United States of America. I know it sounds absurd, but after a lengthy, grueling season in Europe all I really want to do is come back to the states to shop in our grocery stores, drive slowly, and drink Kombucha. Packing my bag every 2-5 days and moving to a new mountain resort to race another world cup and depart for another place just as quickly and hastily as I arrived can get pretty exhausting and often makes me yearn to return home. Not that my life isn’t incredible…I do not hesitate to claim that I have the best job in the world (or at least one of them!), which is quite a bold statement. Nonetheless, when spring begins to approach I get the itch to escape the ski-racing scene and do my own thing for a little while.

Upon returning home, I basically headed straight to Colorado for some spring series Slalom races. Sometimes I forget how much fun Slalom is! But that didn’t last long..three days later I was on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah for testing in Park City. Only one day in Utah and I was already headed back to Colorado for Nationals in Winter Park, Colorado. Post Winter Park we were off to Vail for the final GS races of the year! You would think the traveling and craziness would stop there….but we headed straight from Vail to Malibu for some post-season fun! But…only for one day. I then took off for a fundraiser in Boston, Massachusetts. Across the country and back….in a mere two days! I didn’t even spend a full 24 hours on the east coast before heading back to California. It was time for the Mammoth Invitational, which is a fundraiser for the mountain from which some of the proceeds go to the World Cup Dreams foundation (a non-profit organization that supports injured and unfunded American ski racers). After Mammoth…it was….FINALLY…time to go home. Now I am laying in bed with the flu, which is forcing me to get some well-needed rest before I get to play in the spring breeze and sunshine.

After spending all year with the same grown-up coaches and teammates, I got the opportunity in Mammoth to hang out with the little ones and reminisce about the days when I was just a small girl without a care in the world. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult for me (or I imagine, anyone) to understand why the screaming and annoyances are necessary. It’s all too easy to get fed up and give into punishing or dismissing little kids when you let them get on your nerves. But when I was in Winter Park at Nationals, I saw an old coach and friend of mine who reminded me of how I got where I am today. The patience it takes to be friends with children is only that of a saint when you possess the stubborn mind of an adult. I can’t think of a state of mind that I would rather encompass than that of a little kid…and Brad just recently reminded me of this. Who wants to be an adult when you can be an animal, build snow caves, scream and laugh until you have no voice, and never consider to care what anyone else thinks? These guys have imaginations that we cannot even begin to understand, limits to prove that boundaries are merely mental, and fear only of cooties and dead pets. So as the spring and summer approach, I am determined to think more freely, act sporadically, and be silly whenever I want. What do I have to lose? Only the close-minded people that take themselves too seriously will find this idea ridiculous…and who needs them anyway? I remember when my little sister thought she was a dog for a whole year. She refused to sit at the table, lapped out of a bowl on the kitchen floor, spoke in only pants and barks, and insisted that we call her “Shushi.” Perhaps I’ll start there….

I have no certain plans for this spring, although I am hopefully going to head up to Bend tomorrow and, if I feel up for it, race in the Spring Series Super G’s (which should be a lot of fun!). I have been planning a California coast road trip with a friend for a little while, so I am hopefully going to venture down south within the next week or so. I’m sure I will have some interesting stories and pictures, so keep checking in for more adventure thoughts! Until then, be sure to laugh your head off….

Here are some photos that I’ve taken over the last month. Enjoy. Love is all 🙂

the DH course in Lenzerheide from afar

the finish and the crowd…so many fans!

yep, Julia kicked some serious ass. thought I should take note.

ghosts in the Denver airport

…and in the Salt Lake airport

on my walk from the National Ability Center to the Center of Excellence

the start at nationals in Winter Park, Colorado

on our way to Malibu-ya!

Malibu beach


babes on the beach (Leanne, Alice, and Julia)

a very grey view of the beach

Julia in the sunset (sorry, the sunset pictures will get old by the end of this, I’m sure….)

telephone wires

Leanne bein’ Leanne

…a nice progression

yay Julia!!!

jungle streets

the swing at Lorencious’s beautiful palace in Malibu!

even weeds look good in this sunset

surf bros…yo what you guys doing?

jumpin jelusics!


lovely ladies, Julia and Alice!

hooey! Alice, Julia, Stacey, Montana, Leanne, Kiley

Julia Gulia!

Alice toes

Mammoth skies!

this girl’s style rocks my world

Julia coaching the minions

Eva tucking it out…and kicking some butt!

smile in the start 🙂

I want an animal helmet cover!

well, that’s it for now! spring is here…….

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