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I am honestly not a blog reader. I am sucked in purely by videos, pictures, and shiny things–especially when it comes to browsing the internet. Words only grab my attention if I am drawn in by something else…hence the reason why my blog is usually a photo blog. I truly enjoy writing; I could write and write for hours on end…but I know that it takes more than words to keep people interested.  And the “more than words” is what I have been lacking in my last few entries, so I figured I’d share a few pictures. All of these photos were taken within the last month: while hanging out in Sölden and racing in/exploring Bad Kleinkircheim, Austria and Cortina, Italy (Pictured above is a church in Cortina, with the race course and mountains in the background). Enjoy 🙂


riding up the “Replay” chair on the side of Cortina


Julia Ford showing some teeths


Tofana chute…such a neat rush


Julia’s nephew Jett, such a cutie!


yeah that’s kinda gross..but it’s my pinky



pretty self explanatory 🙂


…and Alice showin’ her teeths


I feel like I’ve seen this one before


walking the streets of Cortina at dusk


the bottom of the course in Cortina


a super g gate


Stacey in the dark…

Peace and love 🙂


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not too much to tell. I am a very boring person.
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2 Responses to photos n’ stuff

  1. xocediego says:

    Nice photos… And teeths! =))))

  2. Beautiful photos Laurienne. Except for maybe the pinky photo, lol. Ouch. I hope all the injuries have healed well.

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