land of the new zee

The Remarkables (NZ) glowing in the evening light

WHOA so it has been what seems like forever and ever since I last updated my virtual life. Perhaps it is because I have been skiing my heart out, or maybe it’s because I have been busy going through the process of buying a house…it may also be due to the fact that Jeffrey and I were so desperate to finish the boards and take them on their maiden voyage before I left for Chile…but I’d like to think it’s a combination of these ventures and more. The good news is–I have accomplished all of these things and more :). Though it has been busy and crazy, life has been spectacular over the last few months. My skiing is progressing to a level it has never been on before, and I am a happy new home-owner. AND…the hollow-wood paddle boards float (whew, that was a relief). In fact, they float incredibly well–not only are they fast and buoyant, they are beautiful and, from what I have experienced so far, the best way to be out on the water…. peaceful, quiet, and self-sufficient. Check out a picture I took just before we glassed them:

Tommy Ford and I took some footage of the progress while Jeffrey and I were building the boards, which I plan on compiling and editing into a video of the whole project soon. More on that in the future…

For now, I want to post some pictures and words on New Zealand…

the sun rising over the mountains, as seen from Coronet Peak

That was the view we saw every morning while taking our first chair-ride up for training. The sunrises and mountainous backdrops are only one of the many aesthetic joys in New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoy the crisp, chilly mornings and the brilliant frost that comes along with them.


it does, eventually, melt with the sun…

frozen wood chips and leaves

Because of the freezing temperatures at night and the warm temperatures that accompany the sun, the snow turned out to be pretty much perfect for training. Skiing GS every single day was incredibly beneficial for all of our skiing. It helped me to get back to the basics: to slow things down, perfect my technique (if only), and carry everything I learned over to all other events. We did not miss a single day of training due to weather, and most days were incredibly sunny and bright. Every time I clicked into my skis I looked forward to learning something new….

another sun rising behind the mountains…and I think that’s a silhouette of a snowgun…

Apart from the lovely skiing, we dabbled in some golf, frisbee, guitar, and photography. I am helping Julia and Stacey both learn how to play the guitar. Actually, they are coming along nicely and I think we’ll have a sufficient band by…well, maybe by about fall of 2013. Hah!

the road returning home from the hill

not sure what it is… but the evening picture opportunities were fun

On a day off we ventured into Queenstown to do some eating, shopping and exploring. I hung out on the beach with some surfing ducks…

and went rummaging through the drainage system….

Queenstown’s best cafe must be Vudu…I absolutely cannot get enough of that place. They have the BEST savory muffins and pies, and their sweets are impeccably delicious. The scene in Queenstown is pretty much unbeatable if you’re looking for a hip, young and excited crowd. The night life is loud and exciting every single night, be it a Friday or a Monday. All of the locals are friendly and fun, and the environment could not be any more inviting… I truly do feel at home in New Zealand, which is why I look forward to returning every year.

the sun through some trees

But the trip ended, as they always do, and I returned home…to a new house! My house closed while I was away, which was a bit of a pain, but returning home to it was unreal! Moving was definitely brutal, but I am so, incredibly happy with my new place and so excited to progressively (and, I’m sure, endlessly) make it my own 🙂 Check out the moving truck full of all my s***…

I took some interesting time-lapses and video while I was in Kiwi land, so look for a new video edit soon! I am now back in Portillo, Chile…and it is DUMPING outside! I am incredibly excited for a powder day tomorrow…it’s been a while since my last one! The last 5 days of training have been amazing, so I’ll take a day of soft snow and face shots gladly 🙂 I also get to travel to Costa Rica after this training block is over…a new country, new people, new land and water for me to explore! More on Chile and Costa Rica later…keep checking in.

For now, I must leave you with some pictures to (hopefully) enjoy…but I will work on my New Zealand edit and hopefully post it very soon. Until then…

do what you love. love what you do. adiós!

da moon from da trees

yay for mountains!

…and frozen grass?

usually it’s the sets, but are we getting sick of the rises?

board walk under a covered bridge in the morning sun

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