California road trip adventures etc etc!

down in Big Sur, California…that’s me on the far right cliff!

a cool road photo from the time lapse

Yet again, it has been a long while since my last update. But I have been trying to forget about commitments and guidelines that I have previously made for myself: I have been doing a wonderful job of procrastinating— contracts, organizing my summer/schooling/grants/insurance/taxes/fundraisers/housing/everything else that one would innately avoid. What a lovely time I have had! Upon returning home from the Mammoth invitational, my body collapsed and I contracted some sort of freakish flu for a week (this part was not so lovely), which forced me to take an end-of-season weeklong break. In bed. So that was boring, but afterward I was well-rested, and itching to get on the road for an adventure. My friend Jeff and I hopped in his Subaru with our bikes, crash pad and climbing gear, surfboards, diving/spear fishing gear, slack line, camping stuff, instruments, and many more toys strapped to the top/hitched on the back and flying out the windows, and headed south.  We drove through Crater Lake on the way down, which still had massive snow banks and ice burgs floating in the vast lake—but we chose the perfect day. The sky was nearly as blue as the water, and the contrasting colors made for some really neat pictures…

Jeffrey looking into the Crater Lake

We headed straight from Crater Lake to Klamath, California for some beach bouldering. This is the same bouldering spot that I climbed at last spring (from which I posted pictures on my blog about a year ago). After our first long morning of climbing, it started raining at about 3 pm. We waited it out for about an hour…and then it started down pouring. So we packed up our tent and sleeping bags and headed down to Humbolt to stay with one of Jeff’s friends, Trenton. We spent the night in Arcata and went to a G-Love show, which was a blast. The next day we headed out for a hike and got to climb up some crazy redwood trees! At the top of one of the Redwood climbs there was a hammock made of ropes that somebody had set up between two of the tallest Redwoods in the park. Kind of scary to sit in…but what a neat atmosphere it was up there in the trees…

looking up one of our climbing endeavors-a bit intimidating from the bottom…

following Trenton up an ancient tree

the man-made hammock perched at the top of the forest!

looking down…scary!

That afternoon wee set off for Timber Cove, where we did some hiking, rock hopping, surf-attempting (paddling and swimming!), played some four-square, and just hung around the ocean. That place is insanely beautiful…such a rare, empty space with amazing coves, cliffs, trees, and a wonderful lack of people. I took many a picture on our rain-hike through the Pygmy forest, which had some crazy-colorful trees and flowers…

rain on a spider web woven through a beautiful Madrone

looking into the Pygmy forest…so green!

boulder hopping…where’s waldo?

Madrone-underneath the bark

a basking seal

walking the tree-beam

layers and years


Jeff and the fallen Madrone

After three lovely days around Timber Cove, we headed down to Santa Cruz to hang with some of Jeffrey’s friends and do some more surfing and exploring. I finally stood up and rode a wave on our first day in Santa Cruz—after some serious frustration with paddling out past the beach break at Scott’s (which I could only handle doing twice!). We ventured out for a few more surfing sessions in Santa Cruz (including one in the rain…), rode our bikes around the area, slack lined in the park, played some music and chess, and climbed up at Castle Rock.

driving through the Redwood forest

On our last day in Santa Cruz we headed down to Big Sur and Carmel to do some spear fishing with Jeff’s friend Matt. Although I became nauseous and sea-sick, the boys caught three fish, all of which we feasted on that night! It was so neat to be able to catch and eat our own meat…what an eye-opening and delightful experience! I loved being out in the reef with only a spear in hand—intimidating and sickening as it was.

Matt and Jeff scoping out the diving

seals and otters….fun to look at, but make for poor fishing

the boys and their catches

The next morning we headed up to San Francisco and rode around the Golden Gate Park, to the bridge, and back to the beach on our bikes. We stayed the night in Berkley in preparation for out trip home the next day. It was sad to have to leave the Bay area so soon after arriving, but I was satisfied with our road trip and happy to return home to the mountains. Returning to Northern California will certainly happen some day, and hopefully soon. I actually wouldn’t mind spending a couple of years in that area, traveling in the forests and along the peaceful coastline…maybe I’ll just drive back now…

headed to the ocean

the Golden Gate from afar

Upon returning home from California I skied for a few days at Mt. Bachelor before heading down to L.A. and then Mammoth for ski camp. When I was in L.A. I had the pleasure of listening to the Dalai Lama speak at USC and hanging out with my good friend Kevin. It wasn’t long before I headed back to Mammoth for camp, which of course consisted of unpredictable and very sporadic weather, but also some really good training and beautiful sunshine. After Mammoth, Julia, Leanne and I packed up my car and took off for another short road trip through the Tahoe Lake area and back up to Oregon for some skiing, climbing and fun. Now I am back in Bend, working on moving out of our house in Klamath Falls and beginning my workout program. I am going to work on my German, climbing, and maybe even some surfing this summer in Oregon. I leave for my next ski adventure (other than random weekends of skiing at Mt. Hood) in New Zealand on July 24th, so I have about 2 months to enjoy central Oregon and see what comes my way. Play time!

Here are some more pictures–mostly of the trip, but some random ones as well.

Urban knitting in the Golden Gate park! I thought Allana would enjoy this one 🙂

looking down the coast!

sunset driving

purple mussels!

cool Madrone!

Prairie at the top of the Pygmy Forest hike

pretty flower

a neat road shot-notice the bird!

driving over the Golden Gate!

jumpin’ Jeffrey

slack line slack

bench at the park in Santa Cruz

sun setting on a boardwalk in Santa Cruz

abandoned shoes



Julia and Leanne…hooligans!

hiya! arguably one of the sweetest pictures ever…

Tumalo falls (Oregon!)

looking down from the top…

Also, check out the time lapse I made while driving down the coast

As I drove down from Sunriver, Oregon through Crater Lake, Lost Rocks, Timber Cove, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Big Sur then back north through Berkley and all the way home, I set my camera on the dashboard of the car and programmed my remote to take one picture every thirty seconds of the drive. This is a time lapse compilation of my drive (with a total of about 3,300 pictures), including some other random time lapses I took along the way. I hope you don’t get too car sick…highway 1 is curvy! Enjoy 🙂

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2 Responses to California road trip adventures etc etc!

  1. Allana says:

    Your video for that Caribou song is better than the original. Take care of my favorite bike, bike thief! I guess she’s never had the privilege of going to sanfran so that’s nice.

  2. Hey,

    I really like this blog entry , Love Northern California, Love Arcata. You are so so talented and fortunate to be able to travel and compete at the level you do and I am esp. happy that it doesn’t seem to change who you are within. Please keep the entries coming, esp. the photos and commentary “hiya!”

    Matt Sheppard
    (USSA far west 1980-1986)

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