Wondering and Wandering in Venezia

After a long month on the road, I finally got a few days off to explore and take my time getting to know another side of Europe. Traveling to and from ski areas is basically all you get a taste of when you’re on the Alpine World Cup tour. There really is no time to be a “tourist” and check out the surrounding areas and cities…it is always a rush to get from one place to another to unpack, race for a few days, pack again, and head off to the next stop. After a day of skiing has ended you have to eat, nap, recover (spin on the bike, do core, yoga, swim, jog, whatever you so please in any order and combination), watch video, go to team meeting, eat again, and finally sleep. There is no time (and not to mention energy!) left to really take in the culture or wander through your surroundings. Sometimes I realize that I don’t even know the name of the town I’m staying in, not to mention the name of the hotel or what part of whatever country I am in. But after a tumble in Cortina, Italy (check it out at: http://www.universalsports.com/video/assetid=3b300fa0-281e-4ea9-b728-31097e56808d.html) and a long week of waiting for bad weather to clear in Sestriere, we headed off to Venice for some well-needed time away from all the rush and stress.

Being one of the most historical and beautiful cities in Europe, we had a lot to cover in Venice in just two days. So we started out at a little hotel called Ca’ del Campo, tucked into a neat little alleyway in the San Marco district.  We walked just down the street to a restaurant that the concierge recommended, drank some wine, ate some Caprese salad, gnocchi, spinach ravioli and flounder—all of which was incredibly delectable. Then we aimlessly wandered the streets in the dark, trying to get an idea of what we would explore and where we would wander the following day…

We woke up the next morning, ate breakfast in our wonderful hotel, and headed out to San Marco Square to start the day. We explored the tiny streets and alleyways filled with glass shops, fancy furs, and silly souvenirs. I had to sit down at one point and draw the amazing history and structures that needed to make their way into my notebook. We wandered over the Rialto bridge and found ourselves lost in the winding ways and mini canals within the “Sestieres” of Venice. Getting lost in Venice was something that I could not fight with…it was a satisfactory kind of uncertainty that was easy to accept and deal with. Eventually we found our way and made it back to tour San Marco’s Basilica and ascend San Marco’s Campanile. From the top of the Campanile it was easy to see why one could completely lose their sense of direction in the city. It seemed, from way up there, that there were in fact no streets at all! I was amazed that we could even walk through the city—the buildings looked so close together and were packed into such a small area that it was unimaginable that we were wandering at all. It was great to see the city from above and to get a perspective on the size and shape of all the individual islands and the structures within them.

After a well-needed nap we hopped on a water taxi to Venice’s Sestiere Cannaregio to grab some dinner. We sadly discovered that the sushi restaurant we wanted to eat at was closed, so we walked back toward the Rialto district and ate some wonderful Indian food at the Ganesh Ji Indian Restaurant. The next day we decided to head to the fresh food and fish market in the Rialto district, where I ate some incredible mandarin oranges and finally found some good avocadoes (they’re hard to find over here!). The amount of fresh seafood was unthinkable and very smelly, but what an awesome market for a city that you can’t even find a grocery store in! We had to depart that afternoon for our home base, so after grabbing some paninis and a nutella crêpe we headed back to the train station with full bellies and heads.

There was so much to enjoy in Venice, it is truly impossible to do it in a mere two days. I certainly plan on going back and discovering more about the city that I surely didn’t get to experience this time around.  Though our trip was short, we still found some time to take pictures of our surroundings. Check them out…

San Marco square

pretty glass!

a snippet of the grand canal

a gondola man and his gondola

from the top of San Marco’s Campanile

drawing in an alley

Stacey and Leanne being sleek



fresh food market…open 6-noon

smelly fish

pretty flowers

grumpy fish

when macro gets freaky…

It was wonderful to have a nice break and to take my time exploring before heading into some big races. I am headed to Garmisch tomorrow for the World Championship races that start next Tuesday (February 8th, Women’s super g!). How exciting! Watch it all on universalsports.com! Peace and wonder 🙂

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5 Responses to Wondering and Wandering in Venezia

  1. Allana says:

    uhhh…you’ve already been up the basilica tower with me! but you were quite small.

  2. nice!!!! im so jealous of you guys! but at least you go to do something cool, never much time for that.
    i like how stacey totally rocked her euro puffy coat, i bet the italian men were in swoon over her in that thing…. haha. where was leannes?
    miss you ladies!
    shralp it up in garmisch!

  3. Karin says:

    Hi Laurenne,
    i only have to say hello, because i saw you in Garmisch WM today.
    My handicapped son Daniel get your Racenumber 1- trico.:-))))as a present from the sponsor Deichmann–so nice !!! what a surprise!!!
    Realy funny that he loves dreadlocks so much , but his hairs are to short in the moment.:-)) He is so proud with the present.
    Best wishes and good luke for your next races

    karin / Garmisch-Partenkirchen


    Great photos Laurenne. Congrats on your 10th in the downhill. We follow your skiing exploits in Toronto. Love to your familia. Neil, Debra, Laurenne (your Toronto twin) and Nathan Kredentser.

  5. Allan Brum says:

    loved the photos…..and just wanted you to know the races are all on TV as well, at Universal Sports Network ! check your listings or write your satellite provider to watch! keep up the speedy ski-dy!

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