break it off

Ooooooh how I love home! And snow, and friends, and christmas, and family, and beer. What fun! This post won’t have many words, I mostly just want to share some pictures that I took over my break. I suppose I’ll start now…

half a head and the Canadian Rockies

xmas gifts!

Instead of individual gift giving, my family did a gift exchange this year….each person got one family member a large gift instead of buying for everyone. What a good idea….so much avoided stress and saved time! Enough that we even managed to get around to a puzzle on xmas night…

the beginning of a creation

the middle

getting close…

et voilà

It was so nice to spend my time in Canmore instead of traveling around Alberta, to Victoria, Edmonton, and beyond. Grandma and Grandad love hanging out in Canmore, and it was so special to have all of us there at the same time.

gma and gdad opening presents

When the family gets together at xmas, we tend to draw toward our instruments. This is the only time I truly enjoy xmas carols…playing and singing them with the family.  A bit cliché, but whatever.

perhaps this is repetitive, but I can’t help it


The skiing in Alberta was pretty mediocre. It was TONS of fun, but there was so little snow there it was crazy. You definitely have to be prepared to sacrifice a pair of skis! Check out the lift ramp:

yeah, pretty bad

After a week in Canmore, I headed back to Bend/Klamath for a day (well, I was hoping it would only be a day…more on this later). Going home during xmas break is the best time to return. So many old ski racing friends were home! It was lovely to get to see everyone again, and especially to ski with them! We had a reunion in Sunriver one night….

Dana and me…yeah, that’s a hundred dollar bill in my hair. hah.

I saw so many old friends! I planned on having dinner with Kiri, Karli, and Dana, but dinner turned into the beginning of a fun night with Jeff, Chadd, Kiri’s boyfriend Randall, Elise, and Courtney. How wonderful it was to see them all again and to catch up.


beloved Chadd

Kiri and Randall

Did I mention the skiing? La Niña is my friend. 5 feet of new snow at Bachelor while I was there. I haven’t skied powder that good in a long time, nonetheless at Bachelor! It was cold, light, and fluffy…a dream.

So I am still sitting in the airport in Klamath Falls….I have been working on flying for a while now. I slept 3 hours through my alarm yesterday morning, and of course there was nobody there to wake me up, so I missed flight #1. Then, on try #2, I boarded my plane and approached the runway only to find out that the plane was broken. Fun! So I woke up this morning at 4 and I am still waiting for my “frozen” plane to board and hopefully depart so I can get back to Europe and back to racing!

Well, that’s it for all. Peace and love, and have a marvelous new year…it’s going to be a good one.

XOXOXO -Laurenne

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1 Response to break it off

  1. ingrid ctecvie says:

    hi laurenne, thanks for the fun description & the photos! i enjoyed it very much!
    have fun in europe & good luck for the next races! you did well in zauchensee!

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