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Copper trees and powder

So it has been incredibly too long (and incredibly busy!) since I last blogged, but here I am again, updating you on my current life. RACE SEASON IS HERE!!! Hooray! This past weekend was my first speed race of the year…and it wasn’t even that cold in Lake Louise.  I’m pretty sure that nobody got frostbite, which is a miracle considering the week before, during the men’s world cup, the temps were comparable to record lows. Yikes! Anywho, the speed week was really fun, fast, and exciting. Oh, and the U.S. women’s speed team is killing it right now! Check it out @….

I am now in Kaprun, Austria getting rested up for next weekend in St. Moritz. Now that I finally have time to blog about the last couple of months, here it goes…..

After returning from a marvelous trip in Chile, I got to relax at home for a week before heading to Park City for a 10 day conditioning camp. The conditioning camp was actually really fun—we all learned how to speed skate, climb, play tennis and do yoga.

(learning to speed skate!)

We also did a superb mountain bike ride called the Wasatch Crest, which is now one of my favorite rides! There was, however, quite a bit of lifting weights and one significantly painful day of maximal effort with the men’s trainer, Alex. Whoo…let’s just say I’m glad that’s over with.

After another week hanging in Park City, I headed to Colorado to start on-snow training again in Copper. Taking October off of the snow was a new thing for me. I was a bit bummed that I wouldn’t get to ski for 6 weeks straight, but come Colorado and I was so fired up to ski that the excitement was worth the wait.  We trained mostly in Copper, but had a few days of tech training in Vail and one day in Aspen. There were quite a few early mornings of Super G and DH on Main Vein, which I’ll only comment positively about—lots of tuck work.

I took a couple of days off before the week of the Aspen world cup tech events, and while doing so I made a bunch of neckies and painted my new helmet.

there’s my new helmet!

After resting up I headed over to Aspen with the tech team. There was a huge amount of snow for Aspen at that time of year, and the race hill was prepared really nicely.

(inspecting the hill in Aspen)

Thanks to my noram overall title from last year, I have a world cup spot in every event… so I took advantage of that in both the GS and slalom races. Though I didn’t rip as I had planned, it was a really good experience and I’m getting excited to race another GS in St. Moritz this weekend.

(I am seeing some good skiing…)

Julia ripped the GS (especially first run!) in Aspen, taking 8th place. Here she is laying it over…

And here’s a pretty good picture of Sarah racing in the slalom.

(Thanks to Mr. Herrera for many of these pictures)

On the afternoon of the slalom we drove down to Denver and relaxed for the night before our flight up to Calgary the next morning.  We were all prepared for the bone-chilling cold that the men had experienced the week before, but it actually turned out to be quite warm (mostly in the teens!) all week. The sun was shining on all three race days, which was unusual and wonderful.

some elk we saw on our drive up to Lake Louise

The lack of snow made it necessary for the race crew to water the course, otherwise we would have slipped all the snow off of the race hill within a few runs.  Watering the course made it pretty slick on a couple of the turns, mainly the important ones—fishnet to fall away and through gun barrel. The track became bumpier and slicker each time we skied it, but even the last day was fun and fast… I still came down smiling. Did I mention how fun downhill is? Whew. So exhilarating and delightful! Here is Alice coming down into 1st place! Wohoo!

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. There will be more to come very soon as we are headed to St. Moritz this weekend for a Super G and GS world cup, and then Val D’Isere for some more DH! So I’ll try not to slack. Hopefully I’ll catch up with myself sometime in the near future, and then you can do the same. Life is fast and glorious…I’m not even sure how I find time to blog. But here it is. Lots of love and peace. Spread it.

oh, and here’s a random picture of brick.


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