deep white expanses

So I know I haven’t posted in a while…the combination of school, homework, and working out (while trying to be somewhat social and have fun) is proving to be extremely time consuming. I barely sleep. BUT–I do write poetry. It was actually for my literature class, but I thought I would share and let you know that I will post again sometime when something incredibly cool happens to me or I start skiing again. I hope it’s before then, but you never know. So, here it is:

“deep white expanses” –a “Road Not Taken” parody

I was hiking through deep white expanses,

And trudging and pushing and panting…

‘til at last! I’m atop this great pile of rock

and standing before me, my chances.

I stood gaping—and back and forth glancing.

One path was so vast, white, and mellow,

The other: steep perilous and black–

So black that it made my heart yellow,

But down it’s spiny back I did throw

And vow to not think—not look back.

Through chutes and on and pillows I roamed

Deep breaths of white snow I inhaled.

At the peak I had left looking down

My colorless, comfortable home;

For tranquility, I’m still glad I traded.

To this time I think of that day

When I surpassed my prior wise walls.

In that feeling of flying I bathe

Every day in the winter, in it I lay

So content that I found my brain balls.

About lalalaurenne

not too much to tell. I am a very boring person.
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2 Responses to deep white expanses

  1. Allana says:

    what’s a brain ball? do you mean your brain ovaries?

    • lalalaurenne says:

      yeah, but ovaries didn’t rhyme….and nobody actually says, “dude, get some ovaries and do it”

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