mental spring cleaning

pretty clouds along the way

From Klamath to Mammoth to Park City to Moab area and back. This was my most recent spring adventure, and did I ever need it. Too bad allergies kept biting me in the ass. I started out driving from Klamath Falls to Mammoth for a Mammoth Ski Team/World Cup Dreams fundraiser. I took plenty of pictures on my drive (many of which were quite unsafe to capture) and decided I was going to log my trip.

shoe tree somewhere in Nevada

It started out with an awesome fundraiser in Mammoth Lakes, California. I have never done so much shmoozing/drinking/practically naked ski racing in my life. What a weekend!!! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to participate and I know for certain that I will do it again next year. Not to mention the amount of money that we raised for the World Cup Dreams foundation and the Mammoth Race Team; I left feeling good about myself, but bad about my health. Oh, and with the skills of a nasty poet. Anywho…

There was a really neat shoe tree somewhere in Nevada that I stopped at and briefly obsessed over. I got a little bit excited with my camera (I must have taken 50 pictures of the thing), so I thought I would share one of my favorite parts of the drive.

the coolest shoes on the tree

shoe tree details

I decided that I was not going to rush my driving (throughout the whole trip) and that I was going to enjoy every single moment and not think about where I was going or why I wasdriving. So, I ended up doing a lot of contemplating and gandering at my surroundings. It actually turned out to be one of the best driving experiences I have had. It is interesting to only think about what is in front of you instead of where you are headed. You can see the world more clearly and in more ways that you think possible. There are so many pictures (and ideas) in my head that I wish I could share, but I guess it is nice to have my own little view of what happened and what I have seen and encountered.

leanne after a night of freezing her ass off

our tent during sunrise

our tent enjoying the sun

Leanne and I stayed for an extra day in Mammoth, mainly because mother nature vomited 3 feet of snow in one night. So I got the best day of powder skiing all ski season (yes, in April) and started to make my way toward Park City with Leanne. We decided to not make any plans, to camp when it started to getdark, and to take our time getting to Park City. So we ended up staying the night near Tonopah, Nevada and setting up camp next to a hot spring about 20 miles outside of town. It would have been a really awesome camping spot if it weren’t for the freezing temperatures. I guess we should have assumed that it wasn’t the right spot when we saw snow on the ground, but we toughed it out and huddled in the tent for a mere 8 hours of mostly sleepless rest. We couldn’t actually see where we were setting up camp since we arrived in the dark, but we woke up to a beautiful view of mountains in the background and a wonderful sunrise (yes, we woke up before sunrise…that’s how cold it was).

the Moab crew

red rock at the Big Bend Boulders

our camping site near the Swell

So we started toward Park City early that morning, stopped in Salt Lake City at the REI for campingsupplies, and finally crashed at the Avrin’s house late that night. Testing was, of course, quite boring. But we knew we were headed off to Moab that night, so it went by fairly painlessly and quickly. We headed down to Greenriver and stayed the night there (once again, setting up our tents in the dark).

Leanne enjoying the rocks

the crew on our jaunt

The next morning we woke up and drove down to the Canyonlands for an awesome day hike/adventure through an “upheaved dome.” I believe it was an 8 1/2 mile hike, though it took all day and was pretty extreme. What an awesome way to start our trip off. That night we camped on the side of a dirt road somewhere and in the morning headed to Moab for some bouldering on the Big Bend boulders. We camped on another back road by the river and the next day woke up, went to the climbing store and headed to Potash road for some sport climbing. There weren’t many bolted climbs, so we did a couple of routes and headed out. That afternoon we headed to the San Rafael Swell  and found a super sweet camping spot (that wasn’t even illegal!), made a pleasant fire and stayed the night (not to mention, right next to about a million gazillion juniper trees. ugh). The next morning we woke up and decided to have another exploration day. Alice used her incredible outdoor/directional skills and lead us to “Crack Canyon” for another extreme hiking adventure. The Canyon was so narrow at points, we had to climb up the hueco-filled walls and stem our way down the canyon. AWESOME! This was probably the most fun I have had on a hike in a single day. Ever. We did a bunch of scrambling around and at one point decided that we should go to the top of the canyon walls, so we did. We saw a decent looking chute and climbed all the way up to the top. What a sight. Then we looked around and did some more climbing, rockalanching, and just plain old messing around. At one point I got a little too excited and managed to actually fall off of a cliff. Backwards. A little cliff, but a cliff nonetheless. The arch of my foot was bruised, but I survived! And it was incredibly exciting!

We got back to the campsite in good daylight and cooked a yummy dinner on Max’s grill. Later that night (after getting lost and finally sniffing us out…) Dylan and GW joined us from Park City. We had a big fire and didn’t get to bed til pretty late, so waking up the next morning was a bit grueling. But we got on our way and headed for Goblin Valley to do some exploring. The rocks in Goblin valley were quite appropriately named, as they were extremely spooky. It was a really cool place to wander for a couple of hours. Post Goblin Valley wandering, we headed to Capitol Reef National Park and camped in a real camp ground (we actually had to pay for our camping spot!). We set up a couple of slack lines that night when we got there, played some frisbee, and had another magnificent fire session. The next morning we woke up and went for another hike/adventure, dubbing the said adventure as a “jaunt,” which we all agreed was appropriate. That night was our last night all together, and we headed for Joe’s Valley to do some bouldering the next day. We didn’t actually find the boulders that night, but we did find a good camping spot in the snow. Alice discovered a huge pile of firewood and we got a bonfire underway. The next morning we (what we thought was endlessly) searched for the famous boulders, and finally found them sometime midday. So we climbed a couple of rocks before Dylan, GW, Leanne and Alice all had to leave. Max and I stayed for the rest of the day to explore the bouldering in Joe’s Valley and headed late that night to Salt Lake City. I am pretty bummed that we didn’t actually get to spend some more time in Joe’s Valley, as it was one of the most wonderful places I have been to boulder and had plenty of climbing that we just didn’t have the time for in one day.

Well, I suppose that concludes my spring trip. Below are some more pictures to check out, though they come nowhere close to portraying the fantastic time I had in Utah. Catch ya later…

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2 Responses to mental spring cleaning

  1. jeff says:

    i dig your philosophy of driving. sounds like you had a fun trip!

  2. Allana says:

    I AM SO JEALOUS. America totally beats Europe as far as wilderness road trips go. I’ve been to that same tree, I swear! On the way to Utah too! I have a bunch of pictures of it also.

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