and so it ends….or does it begin

Spring is here! I can feel it in the air. Mostly because of my itchy, swollen eyes and runny nose. But, still…it’s exciting! And sad. But maybe more exciting…? I think fall and spring are my favorite seasons because they both represent the beginning of totally different worlds for me. It’s almost like starting over; each time spring and fall come around I get to perform new tricks, think new thoughts. But WOW how fast they come. Time flies, and it never fails. So I guess I’ll just enjoy it since there really is no other choice.

Anywho! I have been really, really bad about blogging this season. I guess I have just been really caught up in skiing. And when I’m not caught up in racing, the last thing I want to do it get online, especially when there is a guitar sitting next to me. And knitting. And books. So, sorry. I will try to post more frequently and with enthusiasm. Most of the time I don’t post because I think blogs are boring if they only contain words. I typically wait until I have a batch of good pictures or video clips to add a new post. But, apparently my parents want to see posts even if they are merely words. Not sure about the rest of you, but I suppose I have to do my best to please them, so I am going to start posting more often. Yay!

Ski season is over. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I am definitely going to miss racing until next season, but I will be doing lots of free skiing this spring and plenty of training, etc this summer and fall. I think I ended on the right note, so I am nothing but excited to get started back up again and to ski even faster. There has been a lot of sketchy business going on behind the scenes this year, but I am going to do my best to make some changes by using my voice. I feel like a lot of the other athletes are doing the same, so if all goes well we can all enjoy skiing a little bit more next year. The only problem with ski racing is the politics, and what goes on behind the scenes. It’s tough to overlook or overcome, but if we all put our heads together we can put an end to at least some of the bs. Well I’m sure this is boring, so moving on….

What a great year! I got to do SO much traveling (maybe a bit too much…). I went back and forth from Europe 4 times. I got to do some kick ass free skiing in Jackson Hole and Aspen. I got to go fast almost every day this season (mostly speed, not too much tech…). But most importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I attempted a smile (regardless of how dorky it looked with my mouth guard in) every time I put my poles over a start wand. I tried my best to push the limits and to step outside of my comfort zone every day. I loved every minute that I was on my skis, and every day that I got to explore a new mountain.

So, now I am up in Edmonton, Alberta visiting my grandparents. And it’s snowing outside! I thought I was done with winter, but I am actually happy to be in snowy weather, seeing as it was raining and foggy in Lake Placid all last week. Yuck. But I have a lot of adventures planned for the near future and cannot wait to get outside and do some serious spring exploring! I am headed down to Mammoth for some free skiing and a fundraiser in a couple of days, then to Bishop/the Redwoods to hopefully get my hands on some rocks and trees. I have physical testing on the 7th of April, then I get to head to Moab!!! AWESOME. I have been planning and looking forward to that trip for a long time now, and I absolutely cannot wait to climb/hike/bike some red rocks under sunny skies.

Well, that’s it for now. I recently got a sweet new digital SLR (Canon 7D) and have been doing a lot of experimenting, so here are some pictures to lay your eyes on. Until next time (which will hopefully be soon-ish)…..

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not too much to tell. I am a very boring person.
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3 Responses to and so it ends….or does it begin

  1. Janey Purvis says:

    Thanks for writing, love your blog, great pictures and you are a wonderful kid!!
    love your BIGGEST fan – mumxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Allana says:

    I’m just commenting so that you have one comment not from your mom.

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