After many long plane, train, and car rides I find myself in St. Moritz, Switzerland! I have heard so much about this place, but have yet gotten the opportunity to enjoy it. Although I arrived here a mere 4 hours ago, I can tell that this place is very special. The drive up here brought us through many vast mountain ranges and fields of snow, which were all begging us to jump out of the car and ski some first tracks or make snow angels. The town of St. Moritz is nearly, if not as, incredible as the landscape surrounding it. I am very, very excited to get up there tomorrow and ski some downhill on such a beautiful mountain!

It has been a while since I last updated, so I’ll catch you up. Christmas in Paris was amazing, but I think just being with my family and escaping from the ski racing scene for a while was the highlight of my little break.  Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to, and at the same time extremely overwhelming. There is SO much art, culture, and architecture that it would takes weeks and weeks of exploring to cover it all and take it in. So, to say the least, our break was extremely busy and upbeat, but it was nice to play the role of a tourist for a week or so. Next time I will stay for a month.

I headed back to North America after my break for a few days of training in Burke, VT, then off to Quebec for some Slalom and GS norams. The slaloms actually went quite well, but the GS’s were both cancelled due to unusually sketchy snow conditions. So I headed back to Europe a few days later to take a couple days off in our new base, Kaprun, Austria, and then headed to Caspoggio, Italy for a few Europa-cup speed races. Caspoggio was a pretty cool hill, though it was a bit flat and didn’t have a huge amount of character. I certainly had a fun time, though! It is so nice to be back skiing some speed and getting some wind in my face!  Julia had a little mishap on the last day and packed it in pretty hard; walking away with a concussion, some chipped teeth, whiplash and a black eye. She is such a badass. After Caspoggio we headed to Bormio for a few days off. Yesterday we hung out at the Turkish baths in Bormio, which was the most amazing spot for soaking/spa’ing it up I have ever been to! There was something like 40 baths and 15 sauna’s/steamrooms, Turkish baths in caves (!), and even relaxation rooms for naps, etc. I highly recommend that spot if anyone is headed for Italy any time soon! I am more relaxed now than I have been in a while, which is nice as I am heading into another block of racing, starting tomorrow!

I will post some pictures of my recent adventures tomorrow, right now the internet is way to slow and sloppy. I am also going to put together another video of places, peoples, and things I have encountered along the way so I’ll post that sometime in the nearish future. Keep it real Jessica Biel (or whoever you are)


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