Holiday, Shmoliday

Hello, all! Merry, happy, jolly holidays! They are here, and came so quickly!

I have had quite the past month. I got to start in my first World Cup ever in Lake Louise earlier this month, which was AWESOME. I actually skied quite well, just need to work on my gliding skills. You can check out the video at under skiing video: Lake Louise Women’s DH (day 2, you can see more). I stayed in Lake Louise for the next week for some NorAm racing, which was also really fun. It has been a while since I ran a real downhill run, so the first day of training was a big eye-opener and a good reminder of the real reasons I race. I love it!

I headed to Panorama for some more NorAms: two slaloms, two GS’s, a super g and a super combined. Unfortunately, I contracted some sort of flu (it had to have been swine. shhhh don’t tell) so that was extremely brutal. Skiing slalom with no energy is nearly impossible, and undeniably ugly. What a slap in the face. I am still trying to recover, and the travel certainly didn’t help. BUT, now I can relax and take a break from skiing for a while (which is good and bad) so I think that will help.

I am headed to Burlington on the 28th for some training before the tech NorAms in Quebec, and then back over to Europe. Hopefully I will get to continue on my speed program, though I definitely don’t want to give up the tech. I am not a GS skier, and I am not a speed skier. I am definitely not a slalom skier. I don’t really want to be labelled, I just want to take my time and enjoy all of the events. Slalom can be just as fun as downhill if you are skiing really well. So, I guess we’ll see when it happens!

Well, for now…I am going to do some knitting, some relaxing, as much shopping as I can handle with my Grandma, and hopefully a lot more climbing than I have been able to do lately. Oh, and loving. That’s always important, perhaps the most important. I love hugs, by the way. Especially really slow, soft yet tight, and warm hugs. Happy xmas, and merry new year

Here are some pictures I took within the last couple of months on my film camera. Enjoy

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