First iMovie experiment

This was really fun! Now that I have a nice, shiny computer that works swiftly (possibly more swift than my mind) I can make short movies to depict some stories in my life. My video/editing skills aren’t quite to a professional level just yet, but surely they can do nothing but improve. So….check it out. There will be more to come.

About lalalaurenne

not too much to tell. I am a very boring person.
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1 Response to First iMovie experiment

  1. Allana says:

    This would be better if my internet didn’t suck 400 balls. Fucking France. But it’s really good and I can’t wait to get a flip camera and did you mean to have the music (shit I forget how to say this in musicspeak) ummm…devient lente et plus vite quand il était approprié pour la mise en scène? Like how it gets slower during more wide-sweeping panoramas? Happy accident, maybe…but I love it.

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