The time flies (as it always does when you’re skiing), and I find myself in Sölden, Austria. Due to technical (actually, political) difficulties, I am merely here as an observer. I really wish I could be a participant, as I still have yet to race in a World Cup, and Sölden seems like an incredibly fun GS race hill. There will be many more opportunities to race on the hill here, so I will take advantage of being a spectator and let myself relax for another month before the pressure of race season kicks in.

Quite contrary to my last post, the weather here is incredibly wintery. A few days after the warm sorrow, my toe acquired severe frostbite. What a pain in the ass frostbite is. After a 7-hour day of GS skiing in -17 degree weather, my toe decided to leave me (at least part of my toe). It is still working on falling off. Yuck! Glaciers are the worst places to withstand the cold for multiple hours, seeing as you can’t venture inside when your feet proceed to go numb. I missed one day of skiing because of my toe, but all is well and I am back on track. There is now quite a bit of snow here, and it is currently more wintery in Europe than it has ever been at this time of year since I have been coming over for fall camps.

I am headed home in just a few days, and this will be the first time I have actually spent more than 10 days at home since at least May. It will be nice to have some free time to hang out with the family, head to up Bend to do some climbing and such with friends, and perhaps take a little bouldering trip somewhere in Oregon. Mostly I am excited to get back and relax a bit. As insanely enjoyable as skiing is, it really takes it out of you. So, I will head home to rest for a while, and then it’s off to Colorado! For now, pray for more snow and more love. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can get my film developed. Good wishes and good riddance.

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not too much to tell. I am a very boring person.
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