from the snowless white…

It makes me truly and infinitely sad to see all of the snow melting away. It is one thing to hear that by 2050 the snow level will be around 8500 feet, it is another to actually see the progression of global warming with your own eyes. It is really hard to understand things until you witness them happening; the glaciers here in Europe are visibly melting more and more each year. It’s a good thing we reserved a spot in Saas Fee for the time being, otherwise we may not even be skiing outside at all. A lot of teams are starting to head to the indoor ski areas for training: a fact which certainly speaks for itself. There is only so much we can do now, but what we can do needs to be done to the extreme or our grandchildren and their children will only know what genuine skiing is through videos and pictures. Check it out: become a fan of Save Our Snow on facebook. Enough depressing talk….on to happy things….

Europe is a wonderful place to find yourself roaming, even if it is for the wrong reasons. We have had the last two days of skiing cancelled due to weather here in Saas Fee, so we have been doing a lot of roaming around town. The culture here is quite diverse: there are many alpine race teams, snowboard teams, freestyle skiers and boarders, and people who just want to go skiing in virtue of their pure love for the sport. The two Julias and I set up the slack line the other day and got our balance faces on. I have been long boarding all over the place (what a brilliant idea: stick your long board in your ski bag!), and we have been playing plenty of games. There is a ping-pong table in the basement of our hotel, a badminton court in our backyard, and soccer fields and tennis courts just a short walk away. So we have been trying to stay busy, though I find myself in my room knitting or on the internet quite often.

The skiing was really good for the first couple of days (we have actually only been on snow for 2 days here), good snow and sweet terrain. The training has presented itself as quite challenging, but it is nice to train at a high altitude and sleep much lower: this was discovered after our camp in Valle Nevado, Chile (training at 12-13,000 feet and sleeping at 10,000. whew.) The only downfall of glacier skiing is how long it takes to actually get to the snow. We have to ride two long gondolas and a train to get up to the glacier. This doesn’t sound so bad, but at 7 in the morning getting trampled by little kids when you’re barely awake, having to stand in lines for an hour, push your way through, and wrestle with people just to keep your spot in line isn’t what I would particularly call fun. Oh the things we do to chase the snow.

Well, I will update soon and hopefully upload some pictures and video when I get home, but for now: turn off your heat or air conditioning, walk to work, and be nice to the earth or we won’t have any snow sooner than you think! Much love and peace


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1 Response to from the snowless white…

  1. Janey Purvis says:

    So good to read your stuff. I love you so and hope you and Allana are having fun.
    Love mumx0x00x

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