Leaving winter behind…

Here comes the hard part. Leaving. 

Today is our last day off here in Valle Nevado. I am going exploring outside today to take a bunch of pictures and breathe the fresh winter air before I, once again, have to leave it behind. 

Yesterday and the day before I got to train Downhill. Real downhill. For the first time in a long while. What was I doing without it?!? Last season I only got to race one downhill race: Alyeska. Which had serious potential to be seriously sweet, but new snow and funky conditions prevented it from being so. So, the last couple of days I got lucky enough to have 12 1/2 runs of downhill on icy, chalky (and in some places, seriously bumpy) snow. Some sections were even quite challenging; I got to fly off of a jump once (only once due to “wind?”) and I even missed a few gates (more than once). All in all I had a really awesome couple days of downhill (and Super G before that!). Once I realized how big my smile was at the bottom of the run (regardless of how it went), I knew that I had to go again and that I can’t stop the rush that I feel when I get to go fast through gnarly terrain and sunny skies.

I’m afraid there will be no speed for the last couple of days, but I realized yesterday how much work I need in slalom. It is just a matter of skiing it more (yesterday was my first day training slalom), and I know I will have plenty of opportunities for that before the season begins. I’ll update with pictures and such sometime when I’m home. For now, peace is where it’s at

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not too much to tell. I am a very boring person.
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