Chuh-chuh Chile

So, here I am once again. In the land of switchbacks, the Chilalien, and insane September skiing. Being in Valle Nevado is like being in a completely separate country from La Parva, which is where I have spent every other year. The hotel is fancy, the food is good, and I am surrounded by rich, bourgeois tourists (plus a few Chileans, most who work for the resort). It is a new, exciting experience for me, and best of all, the skiing in here in Valle Nevado is pretty much limitless.

The terrain here is much more extreme than that of La Parva, the snow consistently better (though it hasn’t dumped on us yet!), and I haven’t even come close to skiing every run yet. There is so much skiing to be had, it makes me itch when I can’t be out on the snow. The sprained ankle is not exactly comfortable in my boots, but I have been able to push past the pain and push myself in free skiing and training thus far. It is only going to get more intense, but I can do nothing but look forward to more skiing and training. Even if we are at an elevation of 10,000-12,000 feet. Talk about lung burning, breath taking, heart pounding activity! Whew.

I will post more later, when I have some pictures and video. But for now….

I have compiled a few pictures of past experiences in Chile, all meaningful and reminiscent of remarkable times in the country. So, check it

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1 Response to Chuh-chuh Chile

  1. Janey Purvis says:

    Hi dear, looks so beautiful. Are all these pics from the last few days? Wish I could come visit!!!!!
    Love you miss you,

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