When life throws lemons at your head full force…

And the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours.”

Fourth to last day in NZed I rolled my ankle during dryland training. Ouch. Turns out it isn’t broken, merely sprained. What? But it hurt so much worse that a sprain sounds. Well it is confirmed: sprained ankles suck. A lot. I guess you can only truly appreciate something when you lose it or give it up. This does apply for body parts, and, currently for me, ankles. Ugh

Grandpa Purvis died about 10 hours after the ankle incident, so I headed home early. Straight to Victoria for the services and burial, and now I am in Edmonton waiting for the week to pass.

Death is a curious thing. I wish I didn’t want to figure it out, I wish it could all be so simple. Who knows when my time will come?  From now on I promise to live life as if I were to die tomorrow. Because someday that will be true.

My grandpa always used to say, “you can measure ones’ life by the number of laughs they had.” I hope my life measures up as high as his. For now I will just take things as they come and try to smile, breathe deeply, and just be.

Peace and happiness

About lalalaurenne

not too much to tell. I am a very boring person.
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