New Zealand


Soooo, here I am in New Zealand. It’s funny how I find myself in these far away places. Sometimes I wake up and ponder what dark bed in which dark room in whose dark building in what dark country I am in. But the sun rises and I currently find myself in beautiful New Zealand.

The mountains and scenery here are truly magnificent. Leanne was right when she told me I should bring my film camera: due to baggage restrictions I did not. Dang it! So, I will try to utilize my point-and-shoot to the best of its abilities. 

Julia, Leanne, Hailey, and I went climbing last night at a wall close to queenstown. I have been getting the itch lately. It was a pretty small wall with maybe only 10 climbs, but it was good to get back on my hands. heh.

It is so neat how I can relate my climbing to skiing, now that I have been climbing so much. The mental aspect is so similar to that in skiing, and I can feel it when I ski now. How incredible! I will not stop. 

Gotta run! Slack linin’ time. Check out “Man on Wire” if you get a chance. Talk about mental game!!! 

love and peace

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